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Professional Teeth Whitening

Results in about an hour!

Professional Teeth Whitening!

Every day that we eat and drink, our teeth are slowly staining. It is up to us to take action to whiten them. Over-the-counter strips can temporarily whiten but only reach the enamel, the top layer of our teeth. For safe, professional, long lasting results, Bio2 Laser Studio's teeth whitening treatment can whiten your teeth in about an hour (one session!) to give you results that really last!

How does it work?

In a comfortable, reclined position, we take a cheek contractor and place it in a way that exposes your smile. Then, using a hydrogen peroxide based gel (16% H2O2), we “paint” your teeth and place you under a blue LED light for two 20 minute sessions. This allows the porous enamel on your teeth to open, allowing the gel to penetrate all the way to the dentin layer behind the enamel. This gives this whitening process staying power. During the treatment, you will relax in a comfortable room with red protective goggles that allow you to use your phone for texting, reading or listening to specific music. Bring earphones if you like! Between each 20 minute session, you will be able to rinse out your mouth and relax your jaw.

Who is not a candidate?

Professional teeth whitening will not whiten artificial teeth, veneers or teeth with gingivitis or decay. Teeth that have been stained by antibiotics or other medications may not whiten. Teeth that are discolored due to trauma will not whiten. If you have had braces recently removed, please ensure that the adhesive is completely gone or this process will whiten around the adhesive, leaving a mark when the adhesive finally comes off. Front teeth with cavities will need to have the cavities treated by a dentist prior to teeth whitening.

What kind of stains will this process remove?

Professional teeth whitening removes food stains, drink stains and tobacco stains.

How white will my teeth be after treatment?

We will begin the process by determining your starting shade. Most clients achieve results 4-10 shades whiter and are very happy with the outcome.

How often can my teeth be whitened?

You can whiten your teeth with this process every 4 months.

What is the after-care?

You will be encouraged to follow a “White Diet” for 24-48 hours after your teeth whitening treatment. The white diet is very important because you must avoid any food or staining agent that will cause discoloration. Remember that after the teeth whitening treatment the pores of your enamel are open and this makes them extremely vulnerable to any staining agents. Once the pores close, which usually happens 24-48 hours after the treatment, you can resume your normal habits.

Avoid extremely hot or cold liquids. These are dangerous to your white smile because they change the temperature of your teeth. This temporary change (hot and cold cycling) causes teeth to expand and contract, allowing stains to penetrate your teeth. Try cutting down on these types of drinks (including coffee and tea) or try drinking them with a straw to reduce the amount of time they are in contact with your teeth.

Avoid foods that are acidic. These foods open up the pores of the tooth enamel allowing stains to easily move into your teeth. If you are drinking fizzy drinks or iced tea, you should use a straw. The caffeine in these drinks as well as the tannins in tea can stain the teeth. Using a straw can help minimize the contact of these substances on your teeth.

Cut back on smoking and drinking. Frequent consumption of alcoholic drinks and heavy smoking can reverse the effects of teeth whitening. Many alcoholic drinks such as wine have tannins that can stain the teeth. The same goes for the nicotine in tobacco. If you cannot quit smoking and drinking entirely, at least try to do it in moderation or lessen the frequency.

Use smudge-proof lipstick. Ladies, after going through teeth whitening, you should consider switching your current lipstick with the smudge-proof kind. Some kinds of lipsticks tend to cling to the teeth, and the pigments by which lipsticks are made can contribute to the discoloration of your teeth. Using smudge-proof lipstick not only prevents the lipstick itself from getting to your teeth but also minimizes the need to retouch your makeup.

What reason do I have for not coming in right away?

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