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Facetune Laser Facial

Non Invasive - Facetune Laser Facial

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Facetune Laser Facial

A skin treatment available at Bio2 Laser Studio, that uses light-based technology.

This treatment is a great introduction to laser treatments. With no downtime, the Facetune Laser Facial minimizes pore size and improves skin tone and texture for a smoother, clearer, glowing complexion.  

Are you a candidate

There are several factors that need to be considered to confirm this treatment is safe and effective for you

these include (but are not limited to)…

• medical history

• ancestry/skin tone

• pregnant/breastfeeding is a no-go

• no sun exposure 2-4 weeks prior and post-treatment (this includes self tanner)

• no photosensitizing medication

• must be off antibiotics for a minimum of 2 weeks

• must be off accutane for at least 6 months

• stop the use of retinol/retin-A or glycolic acid one week prior

• wait 2-4 weeks after Botox & Filler

Post Treatment

There’s little to no downtime. Apply sunscreen daily and avoid steam facials and harsh chemicals for 2 days post treatment.