About Crystal

Owner of Bio2 Laser Studio

Crystal Holmes: Owner of Bio2 Laser Studio

Bio2 Laser Studio has now grown into one of San Antonio’s top Laser Studios and is the preferred skincare destination for many of the city’s big names, including models, TV personalities, politicians and executives. 

“Taking care of your skin is not just vanity. Your face is your brand and feeling confident can often be a game changer, especially in competitive industries.” Crystal says. Additionally, Bio2 Laser Studio  has become a frequent destination for students, mothers, beauty bloggers and people of all ages. “We are proud of the diversity of our clientele. Our pricing is affordable by design so that we can be accessible to everyone,” she noted.

Crystal believes in a hands-on leadership approach and received state certifications to perform professional treatments yet she credits her “unbelievably talented staff” as her secret sauce. “Not only are they dedicated professionals with a passion for the industry, they are all just really incredible women who work well together and they absolutely love our clients. You can train skill but you can’t always train passion.”

Crystal remembers one of the first pieces of advice she received as a new entrepreneur. “Don’t make it about the dollar. Make it about the people you are helping. When you keep your vision on the mission of helping people, the business will work out.” Now, four years in, she can look back and validate that as sound advice. “With spa’s seeming to pop up on every corner, our clients have remained extremely loyal. We create relationships and that goes a long way.”

The greatest thing Crystal has witnessed as a business owner has been the outpouring of support from other local business owners. “It’s incredible the way San Antonio supports each other. There is not enough room to list all of the people who have helped us along the way but there are some beautiful selfless people in this city who just have a genuine desire to watch people succeed. For me, the measure of success has always been to work hard to be in the position where I can help others in the same way.”

So while some may have thought she was crazy to leave the comfort and stability of her corporate job, Crystal respectfully disagrees. “I feel as though I gained great knowledge and experience in the corporate world. I loved it and it was a key part of my story. But this is ultimately what I was meant to do. I get to make quick decisions. I get to help people. I think it’s critical that we all follow our inner compass, wherever that leads. I don’t believe that is ever crazy. ”

Crystal Holmes, owner