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Driving Directions to Bio2 Laser Studio From The Dominion

Dominion Country Club

Directions from Dominion to Bio2

1 Dominion Dr, San Antonio, TX 78257

Get on I-10 E from Frontage Rd

4 min (2.0 mi)

Continue on I-10 E to N Loop 1604 W Acc Rd. Take exit 556 A from I-10 E

3 min (3.0 mi)

Continue on N Loop 1604 W Acc Rd to your destination

3 min (0.7 mi)

Bio2 Laser Studio

15900 La Cantera Pkwy suite 20200, San Antonio, TX 78256

The Dominion: San Antonio's 

Epitome of Luxury Living

In the heart of San Antonio, Texas, The Dominion stands as a symbol of opulence, exclusivity, and refined living. This prestigious master-planned community, nestled in the scenic Hill Country, has become synonymous with luxury real estate, world-class amenities, and a lifestyle that caters to the discerning few. From its inception to its current status as a premier residential enclave, The Dominion reflects the city's commitment to providing residents with a level of elegance and sophistication that is unmatched.


The Dominion's history is intertwined with the vision of developer Charles Martin, who sought to create an unparalleled luxury community in San Antonio. Development began in the 1980s, and over the years, The Dominion has evolved into a symbol of prestige and exclusivity. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, The Dominion has become a haven for those seeking the epitome of upscale living.


The Dominion is home to a select and affluent population. Residents include business executives, celebrities, and individuals who value privacy and luxury. The community's gated and guarded entrances provide an added layer of security, contributing to the sense of exclusivity that defines The Dominion.


Situated in the picturesque Hill Country of San Antonio, The Dominion offers a retreat-like atmosphere while remaining in close proximity to the city's amenities. Accessible via Interstate 10, The Dominion provides residents with a tranquil escape without sacrificing the convenience of urban living.


The Dominion Country Club:

At the heart of The Dominion lies The Dominion Country Club, an exclusive facility offering a range of amenities. The private golf courses, designed by world-renowned architects, provide residents with an unparalleled golfing experience. The country club also features upscale dining options, tennis courts, and a luxurious spa, creating an atmosphere of indulgence for residents.

Luxury Residences:

The Dominion is renowned for its opulent residences, ranging from grand estates to custom-built mansions. Architectural styles showcase a blend of Mediterranean, Spanish, and contemporary designs, each meticulously crafted to exude sophistication. Manicured lawns, private pools, and expansive landscapes contribute to the overall grandeur of the residences within The Dominion.

The Shops at La Cantera:

Adjacent to The Dominion, The Shops at La Cantera provide residents with a high-end shopping and dining destination. This outdoor retail center features designer boutiques, upscale dining establishments, and entertainment options, adding to the luxury lifestyle offered by The Dominion.


The Dominion enjoys the pleasant climate characteristic of the Texas Hill Country. Summers are warm, with temperatures often reaching into the 90s, while winters are mild, making outdoor activities enjoyable throughout the year. The natural beauty of the surrounding landscape enhances the overall appeal of living in The Dominion.


The Dominion boasts impeccable infrastructure, with well-maintained roads, reliable utilities, and a commitment to providing residents with the highest standards. The community's attention to detail extends to every aspect of its infrastructure, creating an environment that reflects the exclusivity and luxury associated with The Dominion.

Community Spirit:

While The Dominion exudes an air of exclusivity, it also fosters a sense of community among its residents. Social events, charity functions, and exclusive gatherings bring residents together, creating a tight-knit and supportive community. The shared appreciation for the luxurious amenities and the desire for a refined lifestyle contribute to the unique community spirit within The Dominion.


The Dominion stands as a testament to San Antonio's commitment to offering residents an unparalleled standard of luxury living. From the exquisite residences to the world-class amenities and the natural beauty of the surrounding Hill Country, The Dominion embodies the pinnacle of sophistication. Whether enjoying a round of golf, indulging in fine dining, or simply appreciating the serene surroundings, residents of The Dominion experience a lifestyle that reflects the grandeur and exclusivity of San Antonio's most prestigious enclave.